Maintain Your Mazda's Shine at Centennial Mazda

Centennial Mazda offers a wide range of detailing packages and products which give you more value for your money, protect your Mazda from the elements, keeps your Mazda’s body, paint and interior in brand-new condition, and helps preserve its resale value.

The Mazda detailing services you find at Centennial Mazda are customized to your Mazda’s KODO design to keep your vehicle looking brand new and just out of the showroom. We can wash the exterior and interior, protect the paint and upholstery, wash the engine bay, and give your vehicle a complete detailing makeover when spring rolls around. We can also protect your vehicle from winter and corrosion.

Centennial Mazda’s Detailing Centre offers tremendous value to our clients as well. Come in today and speak with our detailing experts and learn more about our packages and special offers on all of our Mazda detailing packages. We can’t wait to see you today at Centennial Mazda.

Mazda Detailing Centre


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